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Who Killed Mr. Profits?

Seven Suspects, Twelve Industry Experts, One Murder at Sea

There’s a good chance you spend a lot of time investigating potential profit-killing features on your eCommerce site.

Download this guide to join us on a clue-gathering mission to identify the guilty party in the most recent murder of Mr. Profits. Set against the backdrop of Magento’s Annual Cruise, Detective Magento will help you investigate seven of the usual profit-killing suspects.

Along the way you'll:

  • Find useful clues to watch out for on your own eCommerce site
  • Hear from other merchants who have successfully jailed their profit-killers
  • Discover useful best practices to keep your own profits alive and well

Detective Magento was supported at each stage of the investigation by a team of eCommerce experts: Affirm, Bolt, Braintree, Klarna, McFadyen Digital, PayPal, Redstage, Signifyd, Square, Stripe, TaxJar, Authorize.Net | A Visa Solution, Worldpay.

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