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The Value of Identity: Branding Strategies for Amazon Commerce

Learn how a strong brand identity can accelerate sales growth on Amazon

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Watch this on-demand webinar: The Value of Identity: Branding Strategies for Amazon Commerce, and hear as co-presenters AJ Swamy, Creative Strategy Manager at Tinuiti, and John Glasgow, Director of Commerce Strategy for Adobe Commerce Cloud, discuss how you can drive revenue growth on Amazon by creating a branded shopping environment, with topics including:

  • Understanding the role of digital branding within the Amazon marketplace
  • Incorporating omnichannel best practices into your Amazon retail strategy
  • Strategies for design and branding alignment across your Amazon sales channels
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AJ Swamy

AJ Swamy heads up creative strategy at Tinuiti. AJ combines his in depth understanding of performance marketing with his creative skill set to contribute impactful creative strategy to optimize campaign performance. When AJ Is not working AJ enjoys playing drop in ice hockey with his friends and practicing his German skills.

John Glasgow

John Glasgow leads strategic initiatives as the Director of Commerce Strategy for Adobe Commerce Cloud, including vision and strategy for the product portfolio, product integrations, M&A and competitive differentiation. Previously, he worked in technology investment banking at Union Square Advisors where he completed dozens of strategy projects and M&A transactions for leading software companies such as Magento Commerce (Adobe), Salesforce, SnapChat and Intuit. Before that, he worked in business development at Fidelity Investments and also led business operations as a start-up Co-founder for Shopparel, a social shopping tech company.