Introducing “Prepping For The Future With Data-Driven Essentials – A Three Part Video Series”

A three-part video series analyzing data-driven trends

As Covid-19 circles the globe, millions are relying on digital commerce to fulfill their most essential needs. As businesses work overtime to accommodate historic consumer demand, putting the future into focus has never been more important.

In this three-part video series, the Magento Business Intelligence analyst team highlights fundamental, data-driven eCommerce practices to help your business thrive in these challenging times, supported by aggregated statistics spanning multiple commercial industries.

Each video below helps clarify our understanding of the unprecedented changes shaping the future of digital commerce – and how to prepare for what lies ahead.

Video 1 – Surge in Digital Commerce Traffic

A high-level examination of the rush in digital web traffic and the importance of examining data from multiple perspectives when compiling reports. In this video we will take a closer look at pageview traffic and better understand the implications of the recent surge in digital commerce traffic. 

Video 2 – Segmenting Traffic Surge by Industry

Industry activity is broken down at a macro-level to demonstrate how micro-level segmenting can help measure business health and revealing emerging market trends. Our team will focus on how the surge in digital commerce traffic, discussed in video one, is impacting industries in different ways. 

Video 3 – Impacts on Customer Buying Behavior

A correlation of what our team has learned about the online data trends covered in video parts one and two against what we are seeing in actual purchasing behavior. Our team will discuss how all of this surge in activity is having a clear impact on customers and their purchasing behavior.