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How digital commerce can scale B2B selling

Learn how one B2B company delivers eCommerce at scale.

Digital commerce is fast becoming the default way to buy—even for B2B customers. If your organization sells to businesses, adding an eCommerce channel can elevate your customer experience and quickly boost revenues. But many B2B merchants hesitate to go digital because they’re concerned about high development costs and lengthy deployment timelines.

The good news is that digital transformation for B2B businesses is possible in a matter of weeks. In just 8 weeks, Byrne Electrical, the leading manufacturer of power and data solutions for numerous industries, launched an eCommerce portal for more than 1,100 of their customers.

To learn how they did it, watch George Fabis, Director of IT for Byrne, and Slava Kravchuk, CEO & Founder of Atwix, a Magento Commerce solutions partner, for a discussion that covers:

  • Why Byrne chose Magento Commerce instead of Magento Open Source
  • How Byrne and Atwix developed a high-speed deployment plan
  • The wildly impressive results achieved after the solution launched

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About the Speakers:

Slava Kravchuk

CEO and Founder | Atwix

Slava is founder and CEO of Atwix, the last 3 years’ top-contributing Magento solution partner. He is the Magento Association’s vice president and sits on its board of directors. Atwix specializes in the global delivery of Magento implementations and in long-term retailer development and support.

George Fabis

Director of IT | Byrne

George holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a master’s in Information Systems Management. Before becoming director of information technology at Byrne, he spent 15 years as a dedicated member of the Amway Corporation’s management team.

Rachel Rocklin

Customer Demand Generation Manager | Adobe

Rachel Rocklin is a Customer Demand Generation Manager for Adobe Experience Cloud. She has worked for the past 9 years at B2B technology companies in a variety of marketing roles. Rachel is passionate about using data and automation to create amazing digital experiences.