"It's not you, it's me..."


“It’s not you, it’s me…”

We’ve all felt it. The niggling feeling that a relationship isn’t quite right. You have ambitions to grow and embrace the future. But there’s a certain someone that has become slow, stubborn and unwilling to try new things – and they’re not half as flexible as they used to be. Something is missing.

Sounds familiar? It’s time to stop ignoring the red flags. Thousands of businesses are cutting ties with their ecommerce platform – calling time on a relationship that had started to hold them back. A good match should empower your growth, not clip your wings. They should liberate your future, not limit your capabilities. They should encourage your independence, not stifle your freedom.

People change – and businesses do too. Discover if it’s time to cut ties with your current ecommerce platform. We’ve laid out the questions you should ask yourself to reach a conclusion.

Sometimes it’s not you, it’s them...

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What’s in the guide?

  • Find out if your existing platform is holding you back.
  • Reveal whether your platform is compatible with your ambitions and the future of ecommerce.
  • Find out if breaking up with your current provider could open up greater revenue opportunities.

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