Secrets to a Great Omnichannel Experience

Discover 6 essential best practices for crafting an outstanding omnichannel experience.

Customers care about convenience, not channels. They want a consistent and connected experience no matter where they shop, whether it’s online, on mobile apps, or in brick-and-mortar stores.

Our Omnichannel Experience Series of eBooks provide helpful guidance on 6 practices that can help your business deliver an omnichannel experience for today’s channel-less customer.

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Deliver 1:1 Loyalty Programs That Inspire Real Change

Most loyalty programs don’t work. They rely on outdated or limited data sets, which make it almost impossible to predict which incentives will inspire change.

This eBook outlines a new, ultra-personalized and data-driven approach to customer loyalty and how it can transform your omnichannel business.

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Bridge the Gap Between Mobile and In-Store Interactions

The average consumer uses four retailer mobile apps on their phone, more than double from last year.1 But, for most retailers, the mobile experience is disconnected from what’s happening in store.

This eBook explains how new technologies can connect your mobile and in store experience and add value to your omnichannel business.

1Synchrony 2018 Digital Study.

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Make Shipping and Delivery Ultra-Convenient and Stress-Free

The “last mile” of the omnichannel experience can make or break your customer relationships. 83 percent of consumers won’t buy from you again after a poor delivery experience.

This eBook explains how new technologies can give you a real-time window onto all your orders in flight and improve the delivery experience across all your channels.

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Let Customers Pay When and How They Want

Today’s shoppers want to pay on their timetable, not yours. In fact, 44 percent of shoppers who chose a flexible payment option at checkout would not have otherwise made a purchase.

This eBook explains an innovative new approach to flexible payments and how you can add it to your omnichannel experience.

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Connect Your Omnichannel Experience With Personalized Email

Consumers want personalized emails. 63 percent of them say they want more personalized recommendations. And personalized calls to action convert 202 percent better than generic CTAs.

This eBook explains the true value of advanced email personalization strategies and how they connect your omnichannel experience.

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Give Customers the Right Product Information, Everywhere and All The Time

Product information that’s inaccurate or culturally tone deaf can kill sales. And yet managing product information across multiple channels is time-consuming and expensive.

This eBook explains a new approach to managing product information and why it’s so critical to your omnichannel strategy.

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Download the complete Omnichannel Experience Series as a zip file.

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