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An Experience Your Customers Can’t Resist

Essential Technologies For An Irresistible Customer Experience

As the digital marketplace becomes more crowded, it’s getting harder for merchants to stand out. Customers are tired of cookie-cutter commerce. They want unique experiences that make shopping fun. In short, they want an irresistible customer experience. But crafting this kind of experience isn’t easy. It requires connecting all phases of your customer journey—and making them more original, more engaging, and more personal.

How can you make sure you’ll get it right? Magento and our Premier Technology Partners—Yotpo, Vertex, Temando, PayPal, Nosto, dotdigital, DHL, and Akeneo—have produced a guide to help you deliver an irresistible customer experience. It covers all aspects of the customer journey, from research to purchase, as well as the critical back-end technologies that make it happen.

This valuable guide will help you:

  • Attract customers to all your various touchpoints
  • Refine product information and management
  • Personalize the customer experience across multiple media
  • Streamline payment and reduce fraud
  • Simplify tax compliance
  • Build customer loyalty, confidence, and backing
  • Take your fulfillment practices to the next level