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Improve Your Customer Journey – The best ways to improve sales at each stage

Expert Guest Speaker: Chloë Thomas


It’s easy to focus on just one element of the customer journey, but to maximise the performance of your business it’s crucial to improve performance at every stage of the customer journey.

In this webinar internationally best-selling author and podcast host Chloë Thomas will introduce you to her Customer MasterPlan model, a tool to help you identify where you could be focusing to make the biggest improvements. She’ll also be sharing the most effective and latest tactics for improving performance at each and every stage of the customer journey.

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DURATION: 45 minutes






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Chloë Thomas

Best selling Author, International Speaker, and host of both the eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast and Virtual Summit.

Chloë is one of the Top 50 UK influencers in eCommerce and Shipping (Scurri 2019), and the podcast is regularly included in lists of the top eCommerce & marketing podcasts in the world.

Chloë Thomas has been in eCommerce since 2003, she’s worked client-side, agency-side, and adviser-side. Working with a wide variety of retailers from high street omnichannel operations, to fresh online only start-ups, covering international launches, subscription, B2B and even dabbling in marketplaces.

Chloë’s specialty is solving eCommerce Marketing Problems from how to increase new customer acquisition, to improving the performance of email marketing newsletters, or finding the right new website provider.