Adobe | Five Star Shopping Experiences with Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager

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Give your customers a five star shopping experience by making content and commerce work together.

Purchases are driven by great content. In fact, 87% percent of today’s shoppers say product content has a high impact on their purchasing decisions. Deliver an exceptional customer experience and maximize conversion rates with the perfect combination of Adobe’s digital asset management and Adobe Commerce.

Join Adobe and Bounteous as we discuss the functionality of connecting Adobe Commerce capabilities with Adobe Experience Manager Assets.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how:

  • Experience Manager Assets provides a single source of truth for the enterprise with assets that are categorized, current, approved, and discoverable
  • Properly managed assets and their metadata will help merchants surface assets to customers faster and improve SEO and SEM
  • The Bounteous connector brings Experience Manager Assets and Adobe together, streamlining access to content and enabling merchandisers to associate assets with products and categories
  • Dynamic Media allows you to utilize properly rendered 3D assets to create rich shopping experiences
  • This workflow allows merchandisers to focus on merchandising rather than spending time trying to find or create assets

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Speakers for the Webinar:

Joy Xu

Joy Xu is a Principal Commerce Architect at Bounteous, a leading insights-driven digital experience agency, headquartered in Chicago, IL. She possesses deep knowledge of web and mobile technology and has led architectural design and implementation of projects across multiple industries. At Bounteous, she specializes in designing Commerce solutions utilizing Adobe Commerce, Shopify, AEM, Drupal, and other custom technology. Joy has a master's degree in Engineering from University of Michigan. She received her bachelor's degree in Information Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and was one of 30 students selected across mainland China to join the program with a full excellence scholarship.

Marc Infield

After his company’s acquisition, Marc became the EVP of Technology for Bounteous, specializing in getting the most value from packaged software. Marc has been delivering digital experiences to businesses in various industries for more than 20 years. As EVP of Technology, he is responsible for all aspects of the Adobe Experience Platform and Customer Data Platform strategy at Bounteous. A deep knowledge of strategic communications has led him to guide numerous multi-channel campaigns bridging online and offline media.

Bridget Roman

Bridget Roman is a senior product marketing manager for Adobe Experience Manager Assets and is passionate about helping customers achieve success with their enterprise DAM and overall digital transformations that will enable world-class end user experiences. Prior to working in the DAM space, Bridget has worked in many product marketing roles across Adobe including overseeing several successful ventures including a pilot program for delivering Creative Suite as a subscription that ultimately led to the launch of Creative Cloud. Prior to Adobe, Bridget spent several years at Apple where she helped bring iMac, iBook, iPod and .Mac, the precursor to today’s iCloud, to market.