Adobe | 2022 Digital Trends: Retail in Focus.

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2022 Digital Trends - Retail in Focus.

Expectation. Personalisation. Consolidation.

The need to consolidate and scale customer understanding across every channel. The growing importance of unique customer experiences. The likely consequences of mounting market volatility.

Learn about all these current digital marketing trends and more – and access deep insights into how they are shaping this year’s retail landscape – in the 2022 Retail Digital Trends Report.

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"The only way that we're going to keep people coming back is if we deliver customer experiences that delight the customer and that are differentiated from the experiences they can get elsewhere. If you're trying to win on price alone, you're going to lose, there's only one Amazon that's going to deliver the lowest priced goods."

-Avery Worthing-Jones, Senior Vice President of Product, GAP

Adobe | 2022 Digital Trends: Retail in Focus.

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