Marketers are constantly combating shopping cart abandonment and looking for ways to save potentially lost sales. At the same time, customers have become more technologically savvy and are no longer simply interacting with a brand’s website and email program. Social networks, mobile devices and various technologies that bridge the online and in-store shopping experiences have increased consumers’ expectations of intuitive technology and made them keenly aware of how technology is used to market to them.

In this Ipsos study, we go directly to consumers and ask them about their awareness of shopping cart technology and their expectations for marketing when they abandon a cart. The findings from this white paper will:

  • Explain cart abandonment and how this could be an opportunity for marketers to win back sales
  • Analyze what marketing tactics work when customers abandon a cart and what annoys them
  • Examine key components of the shopping cart and cart abandonment strategies

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Consumer Attitudes on Shopping Cart Abandonment

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