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Magento Commerce Branded Stores for Amazon Sellers

Build your own branded store powered by Magento Commerce and Amazon

Is your business succeeding on Amazon? Are you ready to grow even faster?

Magento Commerce Branded Stores for Amazon Sellers let you reach new customers through your own branded web store that seamlessly integrates with your Amazon presence.

With Branded Stores, you can:

  • Create a branded experience that’s truly yours
  • Get to market faster, because Branded Stores are designed to integrate with your Amazon Marketplace presence
  • Give your customers a trusted and familiar checkout experience with Amazon Pay
  • Know that your web store will deliver excellent performance, no matter how many new customers visit or how much they buy
  • Take advantage of managed services for marketing your web store or even managing your Amazon presence

Want to learn more? Download the Branded Stores brochure today.

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