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Commerce Talk Podcast: Should Your B2B Business Be Selling on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon Business is a huge opportunity — and a huge risk.

Amazon Business is booming. In a recent survey of B2B buyers, 72% said they conduct research on Amazon Business, and 55% expect to increase their spending on Amazon next year. And more than half of the Fortune 100 are Amazon Business customers. If you’re not already selling on Amazon, you’re probably wondering if you should be.

The answer is not always obvious. Amazon Business offers new opportunity but proceed with caution. To untangle the benefits and risks, Adobe’s Shannon Hane, senior product marketing manager, interviewed Dwayne Doshier, Director of Strategic Consulting for Gorilla Group, a Wunderman Thompson agency.

This informative podcast reveals insider secrets like:

  • Who should sell on Amazon Business — and who should stay away
  • How to convert Amazon buyers into your loyal customers
  • The truth behind Amazon's private branding strategy

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